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Education industry

Friday, April 22, 2011

We are seeing now a day most of the Big corporates diversify themselves in education industries, it is as part of CSR activity or developed as separate business unite and so one. It is growing field of current era and it is requirement, demand is already there. You just need to provide different experience, as it is service industry and experience it is very much matter for customer while we are talking about the selling services.
This is for whom who want to get in eduction sector ,In 2011 According to an Ernst & Young study on higher education sector in India, spends (in higher education) currently stands at 46,200 crore. The growth rate for this segment is projected at 12.8 % and is expected to touch nearly 150,000 crore in the coming decade, the report states. Market estimates the pre-school size to touch $1 billion by 2012, clocking a growth of over 35 % year-on-year. it is fast growing industry after FMCG.
As per the TAM report of year20 09-10 education has emerged as the most advertised category in print and television media,as per report TV advertising of ‘Education’ sector up by 51% during Jan-Jun’10 compared to Jan-Jun’09,‘Educational Institutions’ was the top category under ‘Education’ sector on TV during Jan-Jun’10During Jan-Jun’10, ‘Planman Consultant India Pvt Ltd’, ‘Educomp Solutions Ltd’, and ‘Lovely Professional University’ were the top 3 advertisers of ‘Education’ sector on TV during Jan-Jun’10..‘Educational Institutions’ category with 78% share led the advertising of ‘Education’ sector on TV followed by ‘Computer Education Center’ and ‘Coaching Center/Competitive Exams’ at 2nd and 3rd place with 9% and 7% share respectively during Jan-Jun’10. During Jan-Jun’10, advertising of ‘Education sector’ on Regional and National channels was in the ratio of 76:24.Andhra Pradesh’ with 29% share leads in advertising of ‘Education’ sector among the Regional channels followed by ‘West Bengal’ and ‘Tamil Nadu’ with 16% and 15% share respectively during Jan-Jun’10.Top 10 advertisers share aggregates to 31% of overall advertising share of ‘Education’ sector on TV during Jan-Jun’10.
Print advertising of 'Education' sector increased by 2% during Jan-Jun'10 compared to Jan-Jun‘09.With 70% share ‘Educational Institutions’ leads among the categories of ‘Education’ sector advertised while Coaching Center/Competitive Exams’ and ‘Computer Education Center’ with 18% and 6% share had the 2nd and 3rd highest share of overall ‘Education’ sector Print ad pie during Jan-Jun’10.60% of ‘Education’ sector advertising in Non Metro Newspapers followed by Metro and Mini Metro Newspapers with 22% and 18% share respectively during Jan-Jun’10,Planman Consultant India P Ltd’, ‘Vellore Institute of Technology’ and ‘Career Point’ were the top 3 advertisers of ‘Education’ sector in Print during Jan-Jun’10.

These data indicated that now a day eduction industries understand the requirement of advertising and branding however they are going with traditional way of brand not much innovation. The creatives of develop around the idea of experience of service or the testimonial who have availed the service. But how effective it is no one knows. we need asked ourself either to find the answer ,do we get attract by these type of advertising or what is deciding factor for us while looking for eduction institute for our child.