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Mascot Vs celebrity endorsement

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Does celebrity provide value edition to your brand or it is Mascot? Both the Mascots and celebrity both are very powerful tools of brand building. either it Amul Polkadot girl, Mc. Donalds’ Ronald Mc Donald, or Nerolac’s yellow Goody or Air-India’s Maharaja, these are the very good example of the Mascot which helps in brand building over the year or Amitabh Bachchan who endorses for Cadbury, Polio, Akshay Kumar for Thumps Up or Kapil Dev for Palmolive, Amir khan for Titan, Tata sky, Coca cola Marketers keep trying innovative things for products and their product marketing strategies.

Mascot is created ,can have the control on it, or modified as per requirement, but in cash of celerity you cannot control public life of celebrity. If any controversy surround the celebrity, it also effect to brand which they endorse, such as the controversy of Tiger wood, or Mike Tyson. There are many examples that celebrity endorsing the one brand and found the using competitor brand. Sainsbury’s encountered a problem with Catheina Zeta Jones, whom the company used for it recipe advertisement, when she was caught shopping in Tesco. A similar case happened with Britney Spears who endorsed one cola brand and was repeatedly caught drinking another brand of cola on tape.This immediately caught the attention of media; it creates damages the brand.Now day customer is more aware and well informed, they know the celebrity is paid for speaking well for brand or brand endorsement. So celebrity makes your brand popular or increases the brand recall value but cannot increase the sales number. In cash of sale is the product, which is real hero. Your product should be perceived only solution for their problem.

Celebrities get associated with too many products and therefore it is difficult to relate them with one particular brand,. The research says that almost 42 per cent consumers get confused as to which celebrity promotes which brand; but again, 66 per cent of people could recollect the names of celebrities who endorsed multiple brands, which is not the case with the mascots. For an example Kareena Kapoor edores the lux, Boroplus , globas, Head & Shoulders,Nutrisse Garnier, Airtel, where is Mascots’s strength lies in its uniqueness ,Mascot’s association with one particular brand so it is easy to recall.

We see cost wise, In case of celebrity it is very much expensive proposition, it is long for the campaign or contract period. But the same time, Surveys suggest that compared to any other types of endorsers, famous people achieve a higher degree of attention and recall they increase awareness of a company's advertising as well as help in retention of message in the psyche of the audience. They can also help the company in reducing their expenditure on Media and other forms of publicity. An example will bring more clarity, When S Kumars, a known textile brand entered into readymade garments business they used Hrithik Roshan, then the hottest advertising icon for their launch advertising for TAMARIND, now one of the premium readymade brands. They reckoned that they have spent 40-50 percent less on media due to sheer impact of using hottest star like Hrithik. The Ad recall was as high as 70 percent and the campaign can be termed as a great success.The cost creating Mascot is one time investment, it is sole property of the organization, it is animated character, so we can modify and adapt as per time.

The Amul polka dots girl has changed overtime, The advertising world has also observed that the popularity of any

mascot is not only based on the response they get, but also depend on the fact that these faces have a higher recall value. The Amul girl was born in 1967 is still a popular mascot. She may soon enter into the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest campaign to survive in the market. This goes on to prove that the mascots are more appropriate brand ambassadors. The impact and success of the mascot, depends on how effectively it conveys the brand values and the ideals that consumers would associate with. There is not such benchmark in cash of celebrity.


Lisa79846 said...

Many consumers feel that celebrities are only doing the endorsement for the money and do not necessarily believe in or even use the endorsed brand.

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