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Cross cultural communication and brand building

Thursday, November 24, 2011

 What make the world’s largest food join to design menu indianized way? And restrict their non vegetarian menu to chicken, fish and lamb products. What make them to switch from their USP beep product to India vegetarian diet? No one afford to lose the US$ 100 billion fast food market of India in such global competition. I am talking about the McDonald’s engagement with Indian consumer. How the McDonald adopted the
and how the how Indian TG said “I am loving it”.

 India has very unique culture, which influence the buying behavior. Growing economy of India and the buying power of Indian consumer attract the many global players. As the brand cross the national boundary, faces the barrage of challenges, one of the challenge is cultural difference. It is the skill to cope with cultural difference determines the brand’s success some time. By appropriate segmentation of target market and ethnic appeals can help to connect with consumer. This can be found out by studying rituals, taboos and behavior of target segment as she emotionally associated with these practice. To adopt the culture is more than the translation of brand’s tagline, need to think from cultural perspective and it’s require to create localized brand strategy.

 Consumption habit: The consumption habit is different region viz and which need to understand or study well.. For regional cultural impact, brand alters as per local condition. Pizza Hut’s success has increased after adaptation of Pizza as per location plat, the launch of Tandoori Pizza, store traffic increase tremendously. The culture decided the consumption pattern, as more join family culture in India so the consumption of bulk pack more, which make many company to introduce the family packs. Food preferences are region viz. any brand do well to take in consideration the cultural dimension associated with food as food is a strong cultural dimension.

Regional and cultural diversification: Company exporting abroad the translation of packing, logo and language but it is outdated. India is diverse country have dozen of language spoken and religion followed. Bru coffe used south India culture preference of filter coffee to target south market. 

Mixing certain cultural beliefs with trendy offer: There are a number of behaviors which has been associated with specific cultural belief. These has be associated with products too. with regards to cultural beliefs Cadbury‘s advertising campaign showing people of various age group enjoying chocolate, traditionally chocolate is associated with children in Indian context. You cannot rule out the totally the culture beliefs. 

 Using ethnic approach, brand can be position by many ways; According to prof.S R. Kumar this can be done by keeping in mind following points: 

  • Identifying specific behavior 
  •  Identify specific values
  • Identify certain beliefs
  • Combining elements of specific culture with changing culture
  • Capturing a sense of nostalgia
  •  Using stereotypes connected to culture
  •  Identify specific cultural traits 

So, marketer can take help of these entire factors to positioning brand. I think it is easy to coalesce with culture dimension and use it effective way to make brand success.