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The Growth of fairness product

Monday, August 22, 2011

As Indian consumer are giving more important to the fair skin, FMCD companies luring them by presenting various farness creams with various clam of making skin fairer. Even men also not unaffected of fairness skill fever, so the FMCG companies came up with all together different segment of fairness products for the male TG. Emami Limited first came up with men’s fairness cream with brand name fair and handsome in 2005 which has 49% make share in this category, HUL launched Fair & Lovely Max launched and several variants of men’s skincare products under Vaseline in the men fairness cream segment exactly a year ago. It now has a 23% market share.,Olay , L’Oreal and Garnier also introduced products in male skin care category.Male cosmetics market in India will grow at an annual rate of 20% during 2010 to 2014 as men become more beauty conscious

Fairness creams have been estimated to account for up to 40% of the profits of the cosmetics industry. The domestic skin-lightening cream industry in India was valued at over $190m in 2005. In 2010, men’s skincare category grew 47% in top cities compared with 22% rise in women’s products, reveals market research firm Nielsen men’s skin-care products account for just about 500 crore of the 4,500-crore skin-care market in the country—the segment is set for explosive growth.

As a branding profession I was observing the advertisement of fairness cream, in almost all the advertisement showing the girl with dark complexion due to her dark complexion she is not getting desired job, or desired groom, etc, and suddenly her accouter with fairness cream happen, by using that cream she become beautiful and she got all what she wants.

The meaning of beauty here is totally changed. But have we ever try to study the though behind this adv? No. it is in rooted in our culture and society. Dark skin people ignored one or other. This psychology play role behind this advertisement. Her they play emotionally with feeling of the dark complexion who facing same things from society, here in this advertisement they indirectly present mental status of the dark complexion people, they emotionally correlate with the advertisement model. This is more or less influence the buying behavior. This mentality is root cause of such advertisement. Well I am not aware about the functional benefit of such brands but it well satisfied the emotional need of consumers.