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CSR the new route of branding

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

CSR the new route of branding

Today's cluttered market; it is very difficult to differentiate your brand from competitor when the offerings are the same. Company takes different route to stand out in clutter market. Company uses the various communication strategies which uniquely lime light the brand. Company uses various tactics but it is either failed or it is much common but the CSR branding which is not been explore much. It is easily cache attention of the people as people are now conscious about the various causes of society. Through CSR branding you can target mass. Here not segmentation as such. This concept first became popular among fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) firms such as Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL),ITC Ltd and the Procter and Gamble Co. (P&G) that advertised their company’s cause-marketing initiatives which involved donating a certain percentage of sales on select items towards a social cause.

Some of the things you need to keep in mind CSR branding such as choose the right cause which well fit with your core business, value and your TG. Tata tea campaign “Jaago re”. Company tied up with Jaago India Foundation and highlights the issue like Voting and corruptions etc. “jaago re” is apt well with the function benefits awakening effect of the tea on people. It is well connect with consumer toward product


Develop long term association with causes, so people can easily connected brand with causes, which increase the recall value of brand too. If there is no organization championing the cause you like to support, create your movement. P & G from long time supporting education of girl child by project Shiksha.

Within the area of causes you can own and grow, agree to join activity and event. Such save try and save water. Save electricity, save girl child etc. when brand communication such massages, it touch the people. Save tree campaign by idea cellular ltd “save tree and use mobile” Electrical products company, Havells India Ltd “Save energy, save Earth”.

Create as many buzz by promotions, training and involved the NGO, Volunteers. Very good example Times of India “Teach India”. it is

very good initiative by Times of India, it involved the whole Indian in this campaign which improve ration of education in India. It

attracts people to join the initiative.


It is also important to know consumer perception to CSR branding. According to the Landor Associates, Penn Schoen Berland’s second annual Corporate Social Responsibility Perceptions Survey, consumer views of companies operating across 14 industries ranging from Apparel to Telecommunications, finding that more than 75% of consumers say that it is important for companies in each of the industries tested to be socially responsible. Other key findings include 75% of those who have read about a company's social responsibility agenda on its website say that it makes them more likely to purchase products or services from that company but just 13% of all respondents have done so. 38% of respondents still plan to spend the same or more for products and services from socially responsible companies.70% are willing to pay more for a product from a company,72% say they will make some sacrifices in their spending or in their salary to support social responsibility and 55% preferring socially responsible products. However probably the most telling statistic is that of that 13% who have read a company’s CSR website, 75% were then more likely to buy that company’s product over a competitor’s. But in case of luxury brand scenario is different. The evaluation of luxury brands declined when the brand were tied to CSR.